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Think Again cover issue 34
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Think Again cover issue 34

Body & Soul
Winter winds have finally finished their weary journey from the frigid north-lands and seem to have made themselves cozily at home here in formerly-pleasant Prague. As these chill-inducing breezes wash over your body, you can warm yourself with the thought that there is someone who cares and who is doing something to bring some warmth back into your life. This month's issue, our body & soul issue, includes an interview with a man who withstood far more than four or five months of icy times—he made it through ten hardcore years as a foreigner in an Indian prison. What kept him going, besides a very strong mind, was yoga. You'll get the story in his words right here in these pages. You'll also have a chance to learn more about a whole world of chemicals that are out there ready to lift your mind to new levels of awareness and ability, no matter what the temperature! Then, of course there's the sex-life to consider, and that we did—with a visit to the Sex Machines Museum here in Prague as well as with a look at the Czech-born dominatrix Mistress Valkyrie. In addition (for you Czech speakers), there's an interview with the fascinating and limit conquering Bruno Ferrari in which he discusses his life and his new album. Finally, we bring you all the traditional Think Again fare: food, music, clubs, books, videos, films, and so on and on. So enjoy, keep warm, keep reading, and see you next month!

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