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Think Again cover issue 32
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Think Again cover issue 32

The Nihilists and more…

Welcome back! The summer holidays are already beginning to fade into gray as what can at times seem to be a monolithic winter looms just over the horizon. Well, fear not—there’s still plenty of fun to be had, and Prague’s a great place to be having as much of said fun as possible! There’s always great art, great music, all kinds of shows, and an incredible mix of persons and personalities to keep track of, and September will be no different. This month we’ll get to know two young Czech artists you should be aware of—David Böhm and Jií Franta, the guys behind a unique project in Roxy Nod. On top of this we’ve also managed to interview cult favorites Moimir Papalescu & the Nihilists about their new album Lewis Neptune (which is due to be released September 27th) and other topics. The Silent Disco, an idea all babikas are gonna love, is making noise (figuratively, of course) in the club scene, so we include a look at what that’s all about, and of course we do our usual perusal of all that’s happening in other realms that pertain to Prague and beyond—films, fashion, dining, dance, shops, sex, and so on. We also introduce a new column on poker that’ll have you playing like a pro in no time at all! So relax, sit back, and enjoy!

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Do hrad! Up Nerudova we go!
Luke Salkeld Nerudova is most romantic in the early evening

Hills are fascinating things. Not only are they the result of noisy goings-on beneath the Earth's cr [ ... ]

Major warning signs of insanity
Think Magazine Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty.

In a world as crazy as this, the Trumpian era, you have to wonder if you are possibly becoming craz [ ... ]

An Incredibly Brief History of the Celts in the Cz...
Robert Young Bohemian Celt

I highly doubt that the McDonald's in Czechia will be adding the Shamrock shake to their menus this  [ ... ]

Another green day at the House of House
Patrick Seguin art by Mary Lou Zelanzny

Karas just called. "Hey, Patrick," he says, "is this the House of the Rising Sun?"

"Yeah, but is it Y2K Compatible?"
Alexander Zaitchik Y2K Compatable

If I had a crown for every lame article I've been subjected to regarding Y2K, I could buy a plate of [ ... ]

Feeling superstitious?
Rosanne Amberson Feeling superstitious?

The time is January, 2006. The place is somewhere at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Kabul.  [ ... ]

Horn-blowin' mad man Maceo Parker
Adam Keane Stern Maceo Parker

Not unlike how a brand name like Xerox now refers to the actual photocopying process, the name Maceo [ ... ]

Just another pig on the go?
Anonymous Just another pig on the go?



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