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The Founders of Mont Blanc
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We all know Mont Blanc, many of us use them on a daily basis. We love them, we treasure them and we guard them jealously, but who really knows the history behind the brand?

With 2017 being the 111th year for Mont Blanc, and a whole new range of products to amaze us, solidifying them as a world leader in status as well as quality, one would ask, where did it all begin?

Think sent our very own Mont Blanc addict on a mission to find out. Mont Blanc is French for White Mountain or in Italian, Monte Bianco has the same meaning, it is also known as “La Dame Blanche” which is French for the white lady. Located deep in the Alps Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe. That was the start of the search, for reasons which will be clear later.

In 1906 Claus Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein wanted to create superior writing instruments… the Simplo-Filler Pen Company was formed in Hamburg, Germany.

In 1909, they changed the company name to the official trade name of Mont Blanc, the new name of the new fountain pens with the simple-to-use, built-in inkwell.

As the three gentlemen realised that they were creating writing instruments of the highest quality, and with Mont Blanc being the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc was born, with the lofty goal of reaching the highest peaks of quality…

1913 saw the first of the new caps on their writing instruments which has become synonymous with style and quality… the white star of Mont Blanc. Voss, Nehemias and Eberstein wished to create a company logo that represented the peak of perfection. 

It wasn’t until 1924 that the first Mont Blanc Meisterstück fountain pen was introduced, which is now the standard we have become used to today.

Although styles have changed over the years, the basic shape of the first Meisterstücks have remained true to form. You can still find the original shapes on sale at the many boutiques around the world.

From 1906 all the way through to the present day, Mont Blanc has continued to surpass the quality line… With an ever increasing new range of both writing instruments and other types of accessories from jewellry to briefcases, wallets to cuff links, watches to key rings… and many others.

Mont Blanc will always be the leader in quality and status. In 1992, Mont Blanc introduced the signature range of pens, with names like: Agatha Christie; Franz Kafka; Voltaire and Mozart, etc… you are sure to find a quality instrument that will reflect your personality and lifestyle.

But even with all that information, what truly makes Mont Blanc stand out from the crowd? Is it the quality design? The name? The personal touch? The status? As a user of Mont Blanc for many years, I have to say that for me, it is a strong combination of all of these reasons.

As Mont Blanc starts its’ second century this year, they have adopted the slogan ‘Soulmakers for 100 Years’ …with this they have brought a new and even classier range of writing instruments to you. With the launch of these items comes the new era… ever more chic and far more elegant to reflect the changes of time from a century past. Mont Blanc are poised to be the highest peak of perfection and status for another century of ‘Soulmaking’.

In commemoration of its centennial celebrations, several masterpieces have been specially created – such as the Meisterstück Solitaire 100 edition.

It comes in 750 yellow, red or white gold, with other rare materials.

Indeed, a very rare ivory is used in the Meisterstuck Solitaire 100 collection… don’t cry out in aberration… its Mammoth Ivory, perfectly conserved in the Tundra of icy Siberia for millions of years.

To further solidify the quality of excellence, Mont Blanc also uses a top grade Wesselton Diamond that has been specially cut and patented in the form of the Mont Blanc star – and adorns all their Centenary Limited Editions.

For those with the desire to have one of these pens, hurry, grab the credit card and order NOW! There are only 100 pieces of this collection produced worldwide…One for every year.

More available, is the Meisterstück Solitaire 1906, the cap made of granite from the ‘Mont Blanc Massive’ mountain range itself, the barrel crafted from lustrous sterling silver, the star being a high grade Wesselton Diamond and with an 18K nib, this is truly a Meisterstück, (Meisterstück is German for Masterpiece) .

With only a 20kg block of granite to work from, the master craftsmen at Mont Blanc had to be very careful to get only the best strata they could from it. With only 1,906 of these exquisite pieces having been released, it is only available at selected boutiques around the world.

Okay, okay, you say, but what makes it really special… rarity, limitedness, perfection… not enough for you? Mont blanc have also released an EXTREMELY limited edition of only three pens on a worldwide basis the Mont Blanc 100 Years Solitaire Mountain Massive Skeleton 2006.

What makes this so rare… read on: A perfectly formed cap and cone that silhouettes the snow capped mountain of Mont Blanc itself, studded with 1277 white and 123 blue diamonds to give the impression of snow and the eternally blue ice of the mountains glacier shaped to the skyline of the range itself.

Inside the cap is a further diamond for the floating star, cut to perfection with 43 facets, a diamond is the symbol of perfection and eternity. Mont Blanc has initiated another first, by becoming the first and only brand to have a diamond as its world renowned logo. By the way, as there are only three of these writing instruments worldwide, they will set you back around $150,000.00 … (I can’t see one coming my way for Christmas as a bonus from the boss).

Mont Blanc has a range of different writing instruments that will suit the individual, fountain pens, roller-balls and fine-liners. They all have their own characteristics, but all of them are made with the same attention to quality.

They are all serial numbered, carry their own worldwide guarantee and have the assurity of quality that is both demanded and expected in today’s crazy world. For the fountain pen range, all of the interchangeable nibs are stamped with the Mont Blanc name, and 4810… why?

Because this is the exact height of the summit of the mountain itself.

Love them or not, everyone agrees that Mont Blanc is a status symbol of quality, elegance and style. I will continue to use mine with pride, and dang what my colleagues say!

Here’s to another Century of Soulmaking!


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