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ABOUT THE COVER: A beautiful mandela from 'Ganeshism'a solo exhibition on the Hindu elephant god Ganesha by Mahen Chanmugam at the Utterly Art Gallery

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Some sad news about beer.


Useful Prague Resources

Useful Singapore Resources









Have we evolved yet?
Humanity is doomed if we don’t start thinking differently (EN)

Creativity - Xerox Heroes;
Praying to the Spirit of Creation, repeating the mantra that the xerox copy is never as good as the original thing (EN)

Careers in Singapore:
The Feminine Career Challenge (EN

Aussie lit'
"Hacek's Triple-tap" fiction by Sion Scott Wilson (EN)

Think about it:
The Official Office Guide to Purchasing Nuclear weapons (EN)

Profile of an Artist:
Mahen Chanmugam's new show 'Ganeshism' (EN)

Around town:
Simply Sentosa, the Island-life, just loving it! (EN)

I want my planet back!
A Plague of Locusts Upon the Earth (EN)

Memoirs of Bad Dates:
The sad stories of one man’s thwarted attempts at finding love (EN)

Healthy living:
Ten Reasons to Have Sex Right Now (EN)

Cheap Fun:
Mr. Burns of Springfield (EN)

Tales of a Hungry Bunny:
"Then he asked me if I’d ever had a little Asian…" (EN

What makes a great espresso? (EN)

Get Lost :
Close Encounters …of the Japanese kind! (EN)

If you put your supper dish to your ear, you can hear the sounds of a restaurant (EN)

Real Fashion:
Fit to a Tee - the classic screened t-shirt

humanifesto (EN)

Slice of Prague:
I didn't do anything! (EN)

Reagan Revisionism? Was I the only one living on Earth in the 1980s? Read this book review >>

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