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Think's guide to classic summer videos...

For two months now we have endured noses which were comically red and painfully raw, feet that are incessantly damp thanks to the wonderfully rainy winter and aching lungs from which we hack up "the last pack" of Luckies that we'll ever smoke.

Vacations in the resorts of Catalonia and serenading pebbles down on the Adriatic are foremost in the thoughts of many Praguers to keep thoughts from turning completely to murder or suicide.

But alas, school , work, and drinking get in the way of the best laid plans; so why not be realistic and just rent a summertime movie? These picks may not drive out thoughts of throttling your neighbor but at least you wor't be cold. That is, if you have heat. Most of us do ... right?

Utomlyonne Solntsem (Burnt by the Sun)
Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov

If you 're looking to shed a tear for the Communist Revolutionary Hero, pick up this Academy Award Winning film. The story joins said hero on a summer holiday with his wife and child in the country, enjoying the Communist youth parades and awaiting the release of Stalin's balloons. But all is not as it seems, as the NKVD are always around the corner, or under the bed, or in the stew pot, or playing with grandma or ...

Otto e Mezzo -
Directed by Federico Fellini

It is understandable why this film has been marginalized by public as well as private circles. Its lack of plot devices and flimsy directing lends it to soaring with banality. Only something as infantile as this could succeed .. . oops, I'm talking about the wrong film. Now onward to 8½ - emerging from the flames of his success with La Dolce Vita, angst-ridden Fellini succeeds in portraying the fullness of communication by way of an inconceivable time/being paradox. Enough said, see it!

Hunk (1987)
Directed by Lawrence Bassoff

Nerd makes a pact with the devil for a better bod. Hilarity ensues. Beefcake John Allen Nelson (Hunk Golden) is splendid in this role, which would later catapult him to stardom in films such as Baywatch 2000.

Summer School (1987)
Directed by Carl Reiner

Relive the days of youthful mischief and malfeasance with this one. Summer School harkens back to those times of olde, when all that mattered was drinking, smoking and underage sex ... oh wait, this is Prague. So never mind. In any case, it's still a movie which should be carved above anyone's headboard.

Directed by John Boorman

It 's summer and time for a vacation, so why not hit the great waters of The Deep South for a bit of rafting and pig-squealing? Deliverance evokes a transcendence of typical routine in the rural south of the U.S. by way of its unequivocal originality and subtlety of form. But hey, why not at least rent it to see how well John Voight could act before Anaconda ...

Dědictví aneb Kurvahošigutntág - (The Inheritance or Fuck off guys goodbye)
Directed by Věra Chytilová

When Bolek Polívka isn't going around the world with a hooker at a massage parlor or sliding into the hospoda for a quickie with Dagmar (now Havlová) Veškrnová, he's extolling the virtues of large noses in this Moravian rags-to-riches story set in the early years of post-communist Czechoslovakia... A must for any inspiring drunkard with dreams of offering slivovice to the gods above the backyard pool.

Debbie Does Dallas
Directed by Sum Deude

This late '70's take on the cheerleading culture of a certain Texas football team will steam up your panalak windows to the point where Winter is all but a memory.