A Brief History of Post-Conceptualism...
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Well OK then. It's about purity. It's about membrane response.

It's about living through your nose, through your eyes, through your heart and through your very own bloodstream that belongs to you just about as much as anything ever will belong to you. 

BUT do you ever think about the detergent that's flushing through your system as you read this? Well do you? That's right just ordinary detergent such as might be manufactured by Proctor and Gamble for instance who just so happen to own most of the leading brands. 

Well next time you wash a plate or a cup if you ever get around to doing such a thing and if you don't well don't worry because even if you don't do this for yourself well someone I'm sure will do it for you unless that is you never frequent or even attend a bar or a restaurant or a cafe or anything like that well anyway what I'm trying to say is this next time you come across what you might think is a freshly-washed cup or plate or knife or fork well just take a sniff at it and see if you can't still detect a faint and reassuring tang of detergent coming off it. 

It might be dressed up with some lemon or pine or something like that to disguise it but that's just because they've realizsed after all these years of practice how childishly simple it is to gull you into accepting their right to poison you that's right to lull you into a false sense of security about things because if you weren't entirely brain dead and zombified already then well honestly wouldn't you expect that you might just be able to put two and two together sufficiently well to realise that that nice healthy tang of detergent isn't going to stay entirely and 100% on the plate or cup or whatever it might be now is it that's right of course it's not it's going right where nature intended it and into your gut from where it will quickly make the journey out into your bloodstream and rush happily gurgling around through your veins and capillaries and into your lungs and your heart and especially round and round all those tiny little blood vessels in your brain which is particularly sensitive to stuff like that as you might imagine so well now boys and girls when they say that you're brainwashed well it's not just a figure of speech now is it? 

Well is it?